ESM2018: Updates in Care of the Neurosurgical Patient

June 16, 18-20, 2018  *  Cebu, Philippines

Presented by NOF, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, and the Academy of Filipino Neurosurgeons, this Updates in Care of the Neurosurgical Patient seminar features experts in vascular, spine, and pediatric neurosurgery and neurocritical care discussing the latest advances in their fields and demonstrating cutting edge techniques.

ESM2018 Jacksonville medical team consists of physicians from three institutions, Dr. Gordon Deen of Mayo Clinic, Dr. Ricardo Hanel of Baptist Health, Dr. Philipp Aldana and Dr. Karen Lidsky of University of Florida/Wolfson Children’s Hospital. They will be accompanied by local volunteers, Mrs. Carmina Aldana and Mrs. Melanie Boree.


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